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Tom Cruise’s Daughter Shaved Her Head

bella cruise

I’m not sure why, exactly, this is news, but it’s still the holidays and things are a bit slow, so today we’ve got a story about Tom Cruise‘s daughter, Bella, celebrating her 21st birthday at Disney World with brother Connor. Well, the “story” is that she shaved her head and is wearing her new buzz cut in style, apparently.

There she is, throwing her hands up with carefree abandon, as you do when you’re 21 and your parents are rich so you have not a care in the world. Also, when you’re just 21 in general. Here’s People’s “coverage”:

In this Instagram post by her brother, Connor Cruise, Bella sports a fresh red buzz cut as she holds her hands high on the Expedition Everest roller coaster at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Fla.

Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman‘s daughter, who enjoys trying new things with her tresses, decided to hit the theme park with her brother and dad for fun in the sun in celebration of her 21st birthday.

“Safe to say Disney World was a blast,” Connor, 18, says in the caption.

Well, that’s that, I suppose! I need to do some Googling and read up on Bella, actually – I think both the kids sorta went to live with Nicole when she divorced Tom, right? Do they see much of either of their parents anymore? I feel like Nicole is so caught up in the small biological kids she’s got now that Connor and Bella aren’t really around, but that’s pure conjecture.

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  • Now you’re speculating that Nicoke Kidman cares more about her youngest children as they are ‘biological’, even though you’ve clearly stated that you haven’t read that much about it? Your posts are getting even more vile by the day.

  • Seriously. ..Google is your friend. TOM got the kids and Nicole admits she really has nothing to do with them per their agreement. When the older kids are mentioned in interviews she mentions she loves them but then steers convo away.

  • Always wondered the same but as Amanda says, Tom got the kids when they divorced. Tom was the one who wanted to adopt them, I don’t think Nicole was so much into it (I’m not saying she doesn’t love them).

  • Who really cares and what does it matter to the public. It is purely Tom & Nicole’s business what they do.