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Rebel Wilson Almost Left LAX in Handcuffs

rebel wilson

When you think of Rebel Wilson, the last thing your mind probably conjures are the words “jail” and “confrontation”. We love her here! She’s goofy and hilarious and we can’t get enough of her. However, apparently the staff of Los Angeles International Airport could, and she nearly got into it with officials there.

rebel wilson

It is kinda crazy that people assume she has no money, and I also sorta wonder why that is. Part of me feels like it’s not a far leap to say it might have something to do with her being larger than stick thin, since fatness = poorness in this country’s mind. We won’t go there, though.

Also, how in the hell did the staff at LAX even recognize an Alexander McQueen (or a McQueen knock-off, even)? Seems sorta bizarre/hilarious, not to mention the fact that airport staff felt they were in a position to lecture a traveler about purchasing counterfeit designer items.

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