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Saturday Night Live Held Auditions For Black Women Only


Saturday Night Live has been criticized lately for not having any black female comedians on their show. They hired 6 new comedians for the new season, all white, most male. They really need as many white dudes as possible so they can continue to do stuff like this. No, but seriously, it’s pretty ridiculous that there hasn’t been a woman of color in the cast since Maya Rudolph left in 2007. And before her, there were only 3 black female cast members throughout the history of SNL: Yvonne Huson, Danitra Vance and Ellen Cleghorne. That’s pretty pitiful and ridiculous (yes, I’m using that word again, I can think of none better) for a show that’s been on since 1975.

So, producers/executives held “secret” auditions for black female comedians only, at the legendary Groundlings imrpov theater in Los Angeles. It would have been secret but some women (above) tweeted and Instagrammed about it. Yeah, and I’m sure the producers are reeeeeeal mad that this was leaked.

According to Entertainment Weekly, this whole thing was kind of haphazardly thrown together:

Actress Bresha Webb …: “The audition came about from an inside source from SNL. I don’t think any of us had a clue about the showcase until two days prior.”

It’s a little late to pat SNL on the back for this…or is it?

Let’s see if they actually hire anyone.

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  • Wait, how is it SNL’s fault that the people who audition and are super funny happen to be white? This affirmative action crap is ruining TV and movies… Just bc someone is black they feel they should be hired just to make it “even”, therefore, bringing the quality of the show/film down bc they don’t have the best actors in it … I though minorities wanted things to be fair? So fight for your roles, don’t demand bc you are black and think things need to be evened out.. “Woah woah guys, too many white people on that show! Best cast a black person even if they aren’t as funny as the white guy they didn’t hire just bc it’s “fair”….

    • I agree with you a 100% . They were feeling pressured to have their so called token black person so that way the black community doesn’t get up set . It’s crazy to have separate auditions ! Everyone wants to be treated equal so why separate audition ? Don’t get it !

    • It’s SNL’s fault that they haven’t been able to do Michelle Obama besides the 2 times. Ann Romney has been a character on the show more than the FLOTS. That’s sad. And then Beyonce/Oprah. They could’ve have a hilarious Serena Williams. They didn’t b/c of having zero black women in the cast. SNL is supposed to be making fun of pop culture.

    • I absolutely agree 100%, it’s a fact of life that most funny people happen to be white men. Scientifically proven. Minorities just aren’t that funny.

      • No bitch….White dudes are not as funny as black dudes. how many white comedians are selling out stadiums and movie theaters right now….lol . Not white comedians.

  • It is a bit of a head scratcher nobody since 2007 yikes BUT can you imagine actually having funny people (any funny ppl) being turned down for any reason not just because of race alone this show has been on for ? decades sometimes NOT GOOD at all do you really think they can afford to pass on funny ppl? I would like to know if any “now” successful black female comedic actors tried out and were turned down?

    • RIGHT?! I wonder why no Black female comedic actors are funny and successful! It’s almost like there is a misogynystic, white supremacist system that prevents women of colour and specifically Black women from getting a job while Seth MacFarlane has his shitshows forced down our throats like it’s the fucking pinnacle of comedy. But no, you’re probably right!! Black female comedic actors just happen to be lazy and didn’t try out! Totes!! Excellent insight into the racial dynamics of the entertainment industry.

      • Where The Hell does it say there are No funny or successful Black female actors and Where does it say Black female actors are too lazy to try out for this show? All I said was “I” couldn’t imagine them turning down funny ppl because of race or for any reason. AND I was Asking IF there are any known occasions where a Black female actor tried out and was turned down and is now a very successful comedic actor?
        This audition for a back female cast member is around 6 yrs too late the day Obama was elected was the day for this.
        BTM .. I hope you choke on Seth MacFarlanes success !!!

  • The reason affirmative action exists is to give black people the same chance as white people when they are equally as qualified. When people at the top (normally white people which explains why the initiative is needed) hire people, all things being equal they will tend to hire other white people without even realising that they are doing it. Making them meet quotas which are tiny compared to actual percentage of black people in the talent pool makes them take stock of their hiring practices thereby elevating black people in the job market.

    White people are no superior to any other ethnicity and make up 64% of the population of the U.S. yet make up 95% of the Senate. Yes this has something to do with background and education which is why universities are asked to meet quotas too, even if those students do not seem as academically gifted on paper. This is because a student from a poorly performing, inner-city school (where many fail) who does very well on their SATs is probably going to work harder than a student from a private school (where almost all excel) with the same or slightly higher grades. Ethnic minorities are downtrodden and need a leg up. They don’t deserve it any less and if everyone hired based on merits alone there would be need for the policy in the first place. I’m white in case you’re wondering and I understand the privilege afforded to me because of it.

  • I really don’t think it’s really about race or affirmative action it’s just SNL haven’t been able to do a lot of skits concerning black women because they didn’t have a black female cast member. And with there being a lot of Obama skits but never having a black woman to play Michelle, nicki manaj, Beyonce and more , snl have been passing 99 a lot of great skits. So they are just keeping up with the times and current events and unlike the past, African American women happen to be a part of a lot of current events so therefore it’s time for them to get a African American woman to add to the cast if they want to stay current….duhhhh…it’s not about black or white or who’s more funny….it’s just about keeping up with current events….c’mon use common sense…..White America is no longer priority……and its not a man’s world anymore…….it’s a mixing pot….so snl can’t survive with a mostly male/ white cast anymore.

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