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One Direction Are Headed to Sesame Street

one direction sesame street

Sesame Street is a pretty big deal – if you’re one of the celebrities asked to come on, you can pretty much assume you’ve “made it”. Such is the case with One Direction, who have apparently headed over to the Street to film a guest appearance on an upcoming episode.

If being on Sesame Street wasn’t enough on its own, they got to hang out with BIG BIRD, which would have totally bugged me out. I grew up watching it as a kid – as I think mostly all of us did – and it’s still such an iconic thing. It’s not as massively successful in the UK, so the boys probably won’t have had as big of a connection to it (though it is shown over there), but either way… fun!

There’s no air date for the One Direction episode of Sesame Street just yet, but uh… keep your eyes peeled, if that’s still your thing!

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