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Khloe’s Not Wearing Her Wedding Ring: Are She And Lamar Done?


Khloe Kardashian was recently pictured without her wedding ring. TMZ made a helpful side-by-side comparison (above) of Ms. Kardashian wearing her ring on November 23 and without it two days later. Are she and Lamar done? Here’s a photo of a super-slim Khloe from December 10 without any rings:


TMZ alleges it’s all because of the drunken (high?) video of Lamar rapping in which he states that when Khloe’s away, he’s “on the DL.” They’re saying that was the last straw. It was pretty damn disrespectful of him. The dude clearly has problems.

But what would you do?


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  • Every marriage has its season of trouble. My husband and I went through a really bad time about a year and a half ago. But, we were both committed to working through it and, honestly, our pastor and our faith in God held it together when we couldn’t. However, infidelity, abuse and drug abuse are deal-breakers, if you ask me. I could not imagine suffering such public humiliation at the hands of my spouse – “sick” or not. This leads me to believe that Khloe really loves him and that makes me really sad for her. She’s all of our favorite Kardashian, right? OR, PMK is keeping her in this demeaning position because “the brand” can’t take another divorce hit. And that makes me really, really sad for her. Everyone deals with stress differently, but during our difficulties I was thin as a rail; I held it together for my son, but what was happening was clearly evident. I don’t see any of that with her, so it leaves me scratching my head a little bit as to what’s actually going on.

    • Wait! I reread that and I don’t mean that she has to drop weight or anything extreme. I meant that she actually seems to be looking BETTER. Didn’t express that the right way..,