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Video: Kanye West Ranted at a Heckler

kanye west

After the last story, I felt compelled to use the old saying “birds of a feather flock together”, because Kim Kardashian certainly belongs with Kanye West. Between her utter cluelessness about the world around her and Kanye’s extreme megalomaniacal delusions, they’re a right pair. So what’s Kanye done now? Well, he got heckled during his show in San Antonio, Texas when a female fan shouted for him to take off his Maison Martin Margiela mask, which is fucking hideous. I’d have requested the same.

In any case, this really set Kanye off and caused him to exclaim the following:

“Now, you can see my face on the Internet, every motherfucking day. I came here, I open up a mountain… and you tryin’ to tell me how to give you my art?”

Do I look like a motherfucking comedian? Don’t fucking heckle me. I’m Kanye motherfucking West. I’m dead fucking serious.”

Well, yes, you do sorta look like a comedian, and by comedian I mean a joke. You look like a joke. And as for being Kanye West, that may be the case, but one thing you are not, sir, is well-versed on what heckling means, because uh… that ain’t it. Also, who cares who you are? I’m Jennifer Fucking Still! Don’t you heckle me, Kanye!

Kanye had the fan ejected and carried on with his normal bullshit and I really wish he thought the next frontier of his artistic completion was to go to space and he booked himself and Kim a seat aboard a shuttle that will never return to earth.

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