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Woman Whose Driveway Amanda Bynes Set Fire To Forgives Her


Amanda Bynes is out of rehab now and hopefully headed for a better life but it unfortunately doesn’t erase past events. Thankfully, one of Bynes’s “victims” (to quote Radar Online) forgives her for her destruction. Her name is Bonnie Braate, and 4 months ago, Ms. Bynes set fire to her driveway for no apparent reason. Ms. Braate had this to say to Radar:

I just hope she got better. I’m glad she’s getting treated at home, people don’t get over drug addiction overnight. There’s nothing to be angry about, it doesn’t do you any good. I forgive her. I feel sorry for her that she got herself into that mind.

I’ve put it behind me and I don’t need it all dragging back up. I’ve put it behind me. I’m glad she got better, [but] I’m not sure what good [an apology] could do.

I suppose it [the fire] got her into treatment. And I was very fortunate that passersby saw her and it didn’t spread to my house or my neighbors house.

This lady’s got a great attitude.

Bynes appears to have moved back in with her parents. There’s been talk she’s applying to fashion schools. She was spotted shopping at Costco with her dad and mom (above). Paparazzi, PLEASE go easy on her. Jesus.

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  • “She’s applying to fashion schools”… Yea, probably because people sat her ass down and explained that she basically ruined her acting career. No one will want to work with her again. Idk what type of drugs she was on, but weed and E (or Molly, these days) doesn’t make you go schizophrenic and act offensive towards people on Twitter. If anything, drugs make you go crazy at the time you’re on them, not weeks and weeks on end. And it affects people in your life.. Not people in your career field through social media.. it’s weird.. If she was addicted to anything (you can’t be addicted to pot or E/Molly) then she would care about these drugs only, not wigs n Twitter. I think she was on drugs, not addicted to them. And that she has underlying mental issues unrelated to drugs. They may have made her act erratic while she was on them.. But they didn’t make her go crazy. I mentioned Pot and E/Molly bc that’s mainly what kids do these days. She doesn’t LOOK addicted to heroin, crystal meth, crack, or coke bc that crap ravages your body/face, and if it were pills she’d be tired as shit OR gain weight (depending if they were uppers or downers).. and by the time you’re addicted to them, you don’t wanna leave the house.. never mind fires and shopping and the shit she was doing. Her situation is so strange to me.

    • I wonder what mental disorder she was diagnosed with and what drug she was “addicted” to, and then what effect it had on said diagnosis, if any. Was it proven she was addicted to something? Or was she just abusing drugs but not addicted?

    • My biggest guess is psychological damage. She’s been in the spotlight since she was a child, and I’m sure she’s had to deal with creeps, predators and lots of manipulation in the industry through the years. She was probably told “Everything’s fine, this is all normal, all the other celebrities do it” multiple times when she was uncomfortable or wanted a break. They sucked everything out of her while she was marketable and in her prime. She’s always come off as very eccentric and over the top, and I think she’s just cracked under pressure. My heart really goes out to this girl, I hope she can clear her head, learn her lessons and move on!