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Nick Cannon Thinks Kanye West Shouldn’t Brag So Much

nick cannon

This story makes me LOL because once again, Nick Cannon is running his mouth about people who are actually in the news in order to get himself in there with them. His most recent thoughts are about Kanye West and how if he was really a genius or modern day Shakespeare, he wouldn’t have to brag about it. To which the world says: duh. We don’t need Nick Cannon’s commentary on world issues, to be honest.

Of course, he also wrote a more questionable tweet that he deleted, which read: “@KanyeWest Real geniuses don’t have to tell everyone that they are a genius.”

Shots fired! Watch out, Nick – Kanye will be on your ass like he was Sway’s.

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  • kanye has ‘downs syndrome’
    w/ psycho-narcissism thrown in..

    STFU kanye hypocrite ..
    come out of the f’kn closet already ..
    it sure as hell needs to be said ….
    he’s the most over rated imbecile & is shunned by everybody with any braincells …
    nasty pece of work he is …
    right on nick !

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