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Kim Kardashian Is Damn Hard To Recognize


Kim Kardashian denied having any kind of botox during pregnancy or any weight loss surgery after giving birth, but the girl is damn hard to recognize. Also adding to this air of “who dat” is this casual outfit. Don’t know if we’ve ever seen her so casual out and about. She’s usually dressed to the nines even for a Starbucks run. So this is a little alarming.


Just what is it about her that seems so different? Anyone have any suggestions?

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  • It’s everything below her eyes…like she had another nose job and did something to her mouth. The space between her top lip and nose got larger and it makes her face look so odd. Plus, her face is immobile. Have you seen how awkward her smile looks? It’s like she literally can’t smile anymore because of all the work she’s had done. She better stop now because her face is starting to resemble a rubber mask.

    • You hit the nail on the head girlfriend! She’s doing the botox or temporary silicone injections obviously; one on each side of her top lip. It looks like a duck bill for real. Why why why “fix” what was never broken, ya know? I’m not sure she could look anymore “Beverly Hills House Wife” if she tried. Sheesh

  • She also lightens her skin a lot, and of course her hair.
    During pregnancy she couldn’t do botox, now she overdid it. Her face looks like a mask.

    and.. She looks so much like Jlo lately, they could be sisters!

    • I used to think she has a great ass but now its looking more like a lumpy diaper when you see her in most jeans. It makes me sad that she’s changing so much of what made her beautiful to begin with all to like a Plastic Beverly Hills Clone. Ahem, KANYE’s Clone.