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Kanye West Lost His Mind Again, Claims He’s William Shakespeare

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I really want to like Kanye West. I want to believe that what he’s saying makes sense, that he’s a powerful symbol for the black community and an inspiration for others that the struggle is worth it. Perhaps he is – to be honest, it’s not my place to say either way – but what I will say is that it’s a shame that so much of his message, or what I think he means his message to be, get lost in his megalomaniacal rantings and delusions of grandeur. It seems like not a day goes by that we’re not talking about some bullshit he’s doing, and today is no exception.

First of all, he had an interview with Sway on his Shade 45 morning show that turned into an utter disaster. A hilarious disaster, but a disaster nonetheless. Please let’s all keep in mind that Kanye and Sway have been friends since wayyyyy back in the day, like when Kanye was only Jay-Z’s producer and nobody at all to speak of. The way Kanye lost his mind when Sway asked a legitimate question is… beyond. The two were talking about fashion lines and it all went downhill from there.

Oh, dear. You can listen to the whole thing here and it’s well worth a listen – he screams “I am Shakespeare!” and continues to declare his own genius and rants about… I don’t even know anymore.

However, there’s an up side to this. Kanye rolled into Hot 97 and got called out by Charlemagne, one of the hosts there. Basically, Charlemagne called him narcissistic and egotistical to his face and the results are AMAZING. Part one is below (with links to the other parts within it). Oh, Kanye. What are we gonna do with you?

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