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Gag Me: Justin Bieber Previews ‘All That Matters’ Video

justin bieber

Justin Bieber is still going strong with his #MusicMondays bullshit, and his latest offering comes in the form of a song called ‘All That Matters’. I guarantee you nothing about this song matters, but some people apparently like this kid and so it’s news.

Speaking of Justin Bieber fans, where’s my Ontario-based Anonymous poster whose fingers are hovering over the keyboard, getting ready to tell me how I need to bend over and take it from Justin from behind since that’s clearly what I want when I talk about how fucking awful this kid is?  The video makes me wish I was born without eyes and ears. He tries to get his “swag” out – wait, sorry, that word isn’t being used by the urban youth anymore, according to hood spokesperson Bieber – and put moves on some girl as she then sucks his earlobes and… what? I don’t even know.

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