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This Should Be Easy To Solve: Desperate Celeb Wants Us To Think She’s Pregnant


Blind Gossip posted a good blind item about a desperate celeb who wants us to think she’s pregnant. Seems like it should be pretty easy to solve. Should we give it a try? Here it is, from Blind Gossip:

This girl has been a celebrity for a long time, but she is getting increasingly desperate for attention. Her marriage has fallen apart and she is drinking too much to cope with the stress.

However, she wants her fans to think that her marriage and her career and everything is just fine. So she’s taken on a new publicity stunt: She wants you to think that she is pregnant!

No, she’s not really pregnant. She just wants you to think that she might be. In fact, she and her husband haven’t been intimate in a while (probably because he’s been too busy sleeping around with someone else). But, while their messy marriage stumbles inevitably toward divorce next year, she wants you to keep talking about her… thus the pregnancy publicity stunt.

By the way, she won’t actually say that’s she’s pregnant. She’s just going to hint at it through lots of paparazzi shots. Just know that it’s all bogus.



So let’s regroup:

— “This girl” has been a celebrity for a long time.
— Marriage is failing.
— She’s drinking.
— Husband is probably sleeping around.
— They’ll prob get divorced next year.
— She’s trying to fool us into thinking she’s pregnant in photos (I’m guessing stuff like holding her belly).

Is it a “Real Housewife” of something? This screams of reality star. But my guess is Tori Spelling, because she’s desperate enough, and her husband Dean McDermott. Your turn!

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