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Daniel Radcliffe Wants to Die on a Film Set

Daniel Radcliffe in Harry Porter And The Deathly Hallows: Part 1

Well, not anytime soon or anything. But unlike Jack Gleeson, Daniel Radcliffe is in no hurry to get out of the acting world and plans to stay in it for the rest of his life. Now there’s passion for the craft!… or something. Even though he’s spent his entire life up til now working tirelessly on project after project, he’s not tired of it, so everyone get used to the fact that ol’ Danny Radcliffe is here to stay.

From The Guardian:

“There’s an assumption that people make where if you’ve grown up on a set, surely you must be tired of that or want to go somewhere else. But actually I’ve never known anything but being on film sets and I love them. They are places of immense comfort and familiarity. I hope I get to die on one. Honestly.” He smiles. “Later rather than sooner.”

Ha! Well, fair enough. I’m sure there are plenty of directors who will still give him roles and he’ll spend a good amount of time in the theatre, as well. He already has enough money from Harry Potter and residuals, I would think, to never need to work another day in his life and still be filthy rich, but he obviously clearly loves it, so good for him.

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