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Justin Bieber Owes Germany $11,000 Over That Whole Monkey Business

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Remember when Justin Bieber tried to smuggle a pet monkey (PET MONKEY) into Germany and got caught, and then customs put the animal in quarantine and told him everything he needed to do to get the poor thing back, and then he decided, “Eh, fuck it, I’ll just get a new monkey” and left it there and did indeed get a new monkey? Fucking dickhead. Anyway, he still owes Germany $11,000 over that whole ordeal.

Here’s the story from Celebuzz:

German officials still haven’t heard a word from Bieber or his team and haven’t received a dime for the time when he illegally brought his pet monkey into the country and left her there.

That was eight months ago and nearly $11,000 later, according to the Federal Agency for Nature Conservation.

So it’s safe to say Rio shouldn’t hold their breath for a payment anytime soon.

Attorney Ellen Frederichs told CB! the Conservation informed Bieber about his fine at the end of September via a letter addressed to his private address in California — to no avail. And it made a last ditch attempt at contacting him Wednesday.

“Additionally, a copy of our letter was delivered to a staff member of Justin Bieber yesterday in L.A. at his arrival from Costa Rica,” added Frederichs.

“As Mr. Bieber should be informed about his payment obligations by now, we hope that he takes his responsibility and settles the costs he has caused to the public, just like anybody else would have to do.”

Well, of course he won’t pay up. Come on, people – wake up and smell the coffee. He might if they like, ban him from reentering the country until he does or something (or he just might not come back), but he’s an asshole. Do you really expect him to do the right thing?

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