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Alec Baldwin Cried In Court


Alec Baldwin broke down and cried on the stand in court today, when he had to talk about his stalker, Canadian actress Genevieve Sabourin. A lot of people in the courtroom though were quietly calling “shenanigans” suggesting that perhaps Baldwin was acting, and not even doing his best work. But Ms. Sabourin wasn’t quiet in the room — she was actually heckling him during his testimony. I’ve watched enough Law & Order to know that’s a no-no. Here’s more from Mercury News:

In teary testimony — which some courtroom witnesses called a poor acting job on his part — Baldwin said after Sabourin met him in 2010, she left as many as 30 voice mails and hundreds of emails, at first pleading and then threatening in nature, the Associated Press reported.

“It was nightmarish,” he said.

Speaking of nightmarish, Sabourin took up the role of heckler frequently during Baldwin’s testimony. At one point, the New York Daily News reported, she even claimed to know about a scar on the actor’s hip, adding, “I gotta prove that I had a sexual relationship. I didn’t do anything wrong. He’s lying. He’s lying,”

The judge threatened her with contempt if she continued her outbursts, and Sabourin was escorted by her attorney from the courtroom, the Daily News reported.

CHUNG CHUNG. Get Stabler in here.

Then, Mr. Baldwin had to deal with photographers as he left the courthouse, and we know how much he loves those. He allegedly told one of them, “I hope you choke to death.” Classy.

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