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L.A. County Says Charlie Sheen Doesn’t Care About His Kids


Charlie Sheen says ex wife Brooke Mueller shouldn’t have custody because she’s “evil” but L.A. County Dept. Children and Family Services doesn’t think Sheen is all that great either. TMZ‘s sources have it all:

they’re pissed that Charlie is hurling grenades at everyone involved in the mess that has become his family — calling Brooke Mueller a “whore,” the judge an “anus brain” and DCFS “incompetent and lascivious.”

Our DCFS sources — who work in the trenches — say Charlie has NEVER made a real move to take custody of Bob and Max. As one source put it, “He cares more about his drugs and porn stars than he does the kids.”

You know what? I don’t even doubt that. He really is childish.

I’m done giving him any more attention.

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  • I will say one thing in Charlie’s favor he isn’t pretending he would make a better home for his kids He just knows Brooke is a coke head on the verge of her next OD and he would rather his kids were not in her house to see it.