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Lane From “Mad Men” Got Married


Jared Harris AKA Lane Pryce from Mad Men, got married in Miami. His now-wife, Allegra Riggio, tweeted the above photo with, “Just married. #TeamHarris #Jally #MarriageEnsued.” It’s all very sweet and it looks like the kind of wedding I’d like to go to. (Except, is she wearing angel wings? The hell?)

I was reading more about their engagement when I came across something that made me, “Eh?” and tilt my head like a confused beagle. (I don’t know why I chose beagle.) Here’s what E Online said about her engagement ring from Harris:

The 52-year-old thesp popped the question to the TV host and lighting designer in June, on a beach in Malibu at sunset. He presented her with a heart-shaped diamond ring with a mounting in the shape of an “H” for Harris.

Does that not seem a little…weird? To have your fiancé give you a ring with his initial on it? I know that it’s going to be your initial now, not just his…but you’re still walking around with that on your hand forever, even before your say, “I do.” I’m over-analyzing it, probably, but I’d never heard of doing that before and it stuck out to me. Whatever it is, it’s probably way nicer than Scarlett Johansson’s ring.

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