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Kate Middleton Flying All By Herself!


Kate Middleton is taking flying lessons. Is there anything she can’t do? She looks flawless after giving birth, even with gray hair, and now she’s learning how to fly. From E Online:

While riding a Routemaster bus along with husband Prince William in honor of London Poppy Day and the Royal British Legion, the Duchess of Cambridge, whose late grandfather Peter Middleton was a Royal Air Force pilot, revealed that she has “had a few lessons on fixed wing.”

Well of COURSE she has. Good for her.

Go, Kate, go! This song’s for you:

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  • She did this all the same year as she squeezed out a baby and sprouted grey hairs! Are we meant to think she shouldn’t be able to do anything or that she is now a super-woman?

    I hope this article is tongue in cheek.

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