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liam hemsworth miley cyrus

Did Miley Cyrus try to win Liam Hemsworth back with an open letter? [Amy Grindhouse]

I guess Gywneth Paltrow is going to try to destroy ‘Vanity Fair’ before it can destroy her [The Superficial]

Annie Lennox’s two daughters are as awesome as she is [Lainey Gossip]

Salma Hayek is a pretty amazing human being [Celebslam]

Warm enough for shorts or cold enough for a sweater? Pick one, Nicole Richie [I’m Not Obsessed]

What the hell is wrong with Lindsay Lohan’s face? [Drunken Stepfather – NSFW]

Yes, Christina Aguilera has lost a lot of weight – we get it [ICYDK]

Jaimie Alexander didn’t mind showing her whole vag on the red carpet [Taxi Driver Movie – NSFW]

Jourdan Dunn and Rita Ora look pretty good, I’ll admit [Moe Jackson]

Whoever destroyed Jennifer Aniston’s hair will have to pay [Celebitchy]

Melissa Joan Hart left Britney Spears at a night club [The Frisky]

Yes, the mayor of Toronto, Rob Ford, really does smoke crack [OMG Blog]

The Renesmee doll in Twilight is hilarious and terrifying [PopBytes]

Brooklyn Beckham doesn’t look too pleased to be out with Victoria [Bohomoth]

I wish Adam Sandler still made good movies :( [theBERRY]

Kate Upton is giving some serious cleavage in Australia [Drunken Stepfather – NSFW]

Kristen Bell didn’t really connect to her baby during pregnancy [Amy Grindhouse]

This is a “candid” version of Blake Lively [Lainey Gossip]

This guy is staring really hard at Stacey Keibler’s boobs [Celebslam]