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This Is What $500 Will Get You at a Justin Bieber Meet-and-Greet

justin bieber

Some fans in Brazil shelled out some pretty big bucks – the eqiuvalent of $500, in fact – for a special meet-and-greet package with the love of their lives, Justin Bieber. Now, Justin is a busy man-child, of course, so he couldn’t spend hours with his fans, but while most artists at least take a few moments to chat with each person who’s paid the money and taken the time to come backstage, what Justin Bieber’s fans got was… a whole lot less.

What the fuck just happened? The girls got five seconds to take a picture before they were PHYSICALLY SHOVED by an adult out of the room. Justin didn’t smile, didn’t offer a single word to any of them, just stared blankly at the camera as the girls were shuffled through. HELL NAW.

I mean, I suppose you can’t blame the kid – after all, he does have some prostitutes to get home to.

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