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Kris Jenner Is “Too Busy” to Date

kris jenner

Kris Jenner announced her separation from Bruce Jenner, her husband of twenty odd years, earlier this month. It was all very… not surprising in the least, as Kris is a cougar about town and ready to sink her teeth into a new relationship openly (as opposed to the several affairs I’m 100% sure she had during her marriage to Bruce).

While lots of reports have suggested several potential partners for Kris, she’s had to speak out and say it’s all lies! She’s not dating anyone, in fact, because she simply doesn’t have time. After all, you can’t be the momager of someone like Kim Kardashian (the other two… whatever) and still have much time for your own life.

Anyway, here’s the shit she fed E! Online:

“I don’t have time to date anybody. I mean it all sounds great, right? My fake little fantasy life that they’re making up for me as I go along,” she tells E! News. “Some of the things people write often fascinate me…it’s like a creative writing experience. But, I’m not dating anybody, but I do have a lot of really great friends who are a lot of fun and we hang out all the time. I’m working on a lot of amazing projects at work, that I’ll tell you about later [winks].”

Oh, fuck off, Kris. Is the new project because your stupid talk show that tanked (other than the day you managed to manipulate Kanye into coming on) so you kinda have to plan something new?

No one cares about who she’s dating, either. Whoever it is will most likely be a gold digging young whipper snapper (see: Madonna, Jennifer Lopez – not that she’s on either of their levels in the slightest) who won’t be worth the words typed about him.

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