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Britney Spears: ‘There’s Pressure On Women to Be Sexy’

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Britney Spears is so precious. While it’s rather unfortunate that her past mental health issues (and perhaps current, though I know she’s well-managed via medication and her handlers) have kinda dulled her personality, a bit of BritBrit still peeks out from time to time. Of course, that’s a rarity – mostly she’s fed a script of soundbites and non-controversial topics to cover during interviews, the most recent of which is her Captain Obvious observation that there is pressure on women to be sexy all the time. Still, it’s a good and important topic to discuss – especially considering this is a trend she participates in and is obviously central to her career. I mean, look at the ‘Work Bitch’ video!

From Showbiz 411:

“I think it goes with what I do. It’s my job to portray more of a sex kitten than what I really am at home with my kids. As artists I think people who are really shy – I’m really shy in person – so when I get on stage, it’s really good for me to become this different character because it’s like therapy for me.”

“I think there is a pressure for girls to have the right nose, the right body and you are your environment so it becomes contagious when you get in that environment. You actually become that yourself, so it’s important to keep cool people around you to keep you grounded.”

While I know this is a bit of a “no duh” statement on Britney’s part, it’s good when big stars like her speak out on something so basic. Is it going to change the world considering she’s still playing her part in the machine? Of course not, but it might make little girls who look up to her think a bit more.

You can watch Brit’s full interview below:

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