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Katy Perry Offers Twitter Tips


Katy Perry has a lot going on right now. She’s got a big album coming out and she’s the new face of Cover Girl. So she’s promoting a lot on twitter (remember her giant gold bus?) and now she’s sharing her best twitter tips. These are useful even if you’re not a celeb, I promise. Want to know how to tweet effectively? Here’s what she told USA Today:

  • Less is more.
  • When you decide to have a glass of wine, put the phone down. Don’t drink and tweet.
  • Don’t be self-indulgent.
  • Don’t use it just to promote yourself. That’s boring.
  • (On addressing rumors): I see a lot of celebrities send out messages like that online, and I think, ‘Sweetheart, nobody knows about this so-called issue because we don’t have you on Google Alert. You’re just throwing another log on the fire.’ I do it only in extreme cases if someone is jeopardizing my character.
  • (On haters): I don’t know they exist because I don’t give them attention. If you tried to please everyone, you’d have no sense of self. You’d lose yourself in the process of being a people-pleaser and there’d be nothing unique left.

Currently, Ms. Perry has 45 million+ twitter followers. As of now, she’s got the #2 spot on the most followed list. Bieber takes #1, with Gaga at #3. You can follow her @katyperry.

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