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Drake Really Hates Being Called Emotional

drake crying

Poor Drake. He’s a nice guy who’s in touch with his feelings, and all you jerks want to keep calling him “emotional” and he hates it. It really, seriously bothers him! So what if he sings about trying to break his ex-girlfriend’s new relationship up because he can’t stand her with someone else even though he doesn’t want to be with her. So what if he is constantly reflecting on the “haters” and missed opportunities in his life. That’s just Drake, man! That doesn’t mean he’s an emotional wreck!

From CBC Radio:

“I’m so sick of people saying that I’m like lonely and emotional, and associating me with this like longing for a woman.

“I hate that, it bothers me so much… ’cause I do make music that makes you feel something, but I’m actually not that guy in real life, I’m happy… I’m very excited, my life is constantly exciting it’s not some sad depressing story.”

“As far as the soundscapes go, that’s just the music that I chose to make, I make music strictly for the purpose of driving at nighttime.”

Well, that’s cleared that up. I mean, look – Drake has admitted that he’s emotional before and doesn’t care about it, so why the change of heart. He’s never going to be ‘Started From the Bottom’ guy on every single song because that’s just not him, and that’s why he’s who he is as an artist and why he has the fanbase that he does, etc. Come on, man. Dry those tears.

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