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Oh Great, It’s Mario Lopez’s Taint

mario lopez

Aaaaaand something for the ladies (and homosexual men): Mario Lopez split his pants and felt the need to take a selfie of his taint (covered, thank Christ) to post on Twitter. What the hell is wrong with people and their lack of common sense/boundaries? Yes, it might be funny to you that you tore your pants, but why not just tell the story rather than taking a picture of you with your legs spread wide open and your finger pointing to the space between your dick and asshole? Classy.

In case you care about the “story” behind this one, this happened on the way to his wife’s birthday party over the weekend. I dunno, maybe don’t wear such tight pants next time?  Looks like she had a great time, too:

courtney lopez

Sorry, I’m just a little disgusted with these “celebrities” today. I mean, we’ve all been there, but we also haven’t all put it on the Internet. Live your life OFF of your phone once in a while, people. Then again, you can’t ever look to Mario Lopez for sound judgment. This is the guy who had Dove create a life-sized chocolate sculpture of himself and thought that was a great idea.

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