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Mia Farrow’s (And Sinatra’s Kid?) Gets His Own TV Show

ronan farrow frank sinatra son

Ronan Farrow was in the news recently because mom Mia Farrow casually speculated that his dad was perhaps not Woody Allen, but Frank Sinatra. Originally Mr. Farrow sort of winked at the reports, tweeting, “Listen, we’re all *possibly* Frank Sinatra’s son.” Apparently now he considers the whole paternity question “an annoyance” (Hollywood Reporter), which I understand. But it’s gonna be all smooth sailing from now on for Ronan. He’s getting his town TV show on MSNBC. Just like Mr. Alec Baldwin! Here are some savory details from HR:

Ronan Farrow — the son of Mia Farrow who previously worked as an Obama administration foreign policy official — will host a weekday program on MSNBC beginning early next year.

The show, which is likely to launch in mid-January, will be closely aligned with Farrow’s activism.

[…] “I think what people crave is more involvement in the story,” he said. “There has been a democratization of information. But what they still crave, and what I crave as a TV viewer, is a guide on how people can have agency in the story. And this show is all about empowering people to do that. People want a return to real democracy. They want to respond to these events [in Washington] that there is so much frustration about.”

So there you go. A handsome, well-connected, 25-year-old Rhodes Scholar is getting a TV show. But with tweets as good as his, I ain’t even mad.

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