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Madonna Wore a Thong For Uncle Terry

madonna terry richardson 3

For some unknown reason, celebrities seem to think Terry Richardson is the bee’s knees. I think he’s a pervert and a misogynist, among other things, but to-may-toe, tom-ah-toe, I suppose. Madonna is the most recent celebrity to step in front of his lens, this time for her Harper’s Bazaar cover shoot, where she donned a pleather thong and wore that hideous ass grill that just needs to go somewhere. Preferably not in her mouth.

Can’t hate on Madonna’s arm game, though – like, let me get a ticket to that gun show… or something. However, I do not need to see her ass in a thong. I just don’t. There aren’t many people’s asses I need to see in a thong. In fact, there’s no one’s, because thongs are gross (and apparently they’re destroying vaginas everywhere!) and I’m not quite sure why they’re known as being “sexy”. Asses are sexy, but they don’t need a piece of string up the middle to make them so.

Madonna, why? Why would you do this?

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