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I’m Gonna Throw Up: Robin Thicke Turned Paula Patton Into a Bad Girl

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Robin Thicke and Paula Patton have one of the weirdest marriages pretty much ever. He goes around singing about forcing himself on women and sticking his finger up their asses and she sorta just sits there and smiles and says how in love they are. Some reports have even claimed that she suggests he cheats on her in front of her face and is totally kewl with him being a misogynistic asshole. That seems to be more and more the case, especially after her recent joke bragging in Glamour about how Robin has turned her into a “bad girl” and “ruined her”.

GLAMOUR: You guys still seem very passionate. He did say in an interview that he turned you into a bad girl.

PAULA PATTON: He ruined me! Gosh, I hope I’m still a good girl and a bad girl at the same time. And I think that every girl should know the bad girl inside her—and that doesn’t make her bad, you know?

GLAMOUR: So in the “Blurred Lines” video, there’s that balloon message—“Robin Thicke has a big d-ck”…

PAULA PATTON: It’s cool, it’s funny, it’s awesome!

GLAMOUR: Yes, it’s definitely all of those things. But we have to ask: Is it accurate?

PAULA PATTON: Robin’s like, “Listen, if I’m, you know, in the Miami Heat’s locker room, I don’t know where I stand, but.…” But I think that the statement is fairly accurate!

Seriously, someone get me a barf bag because I’m seriously about to lose everything I’ve ever eaten. “It’s cool, it’s funny, it’s awesome”? Uh… no. And I don’t think she really believes that either (and if she does, she needs some help). I’m not here to tell anyone how to live their lives or their relationships, but for real? First of all, it’s corny when women talk about how some dude helped them “find the bad girl” inside themselves. There are a whole slew of issues that go along with that, but we won’t go there. But seriously, these two… SMH. Robin Thicke might HAVE a big dick, but he is also IS a big dick, and I think that’s a much more important issue.