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Justin Bieber Is “Thugging It Up” Again

justin bieber

Justin Bieber thinks he’s a real tough guy these days because he took steroids to get a set of baby abs and he’s discovered weed, so of course he has to prove his manhood by doing such masculine things like spitting in people’s faces and sometimes even hitting them. The later is what happened recently at a club in Seoul, South Korea, where Justin and his gaggle of security were presumably “partying” and the wittle bebe didn’t like the music selection being played. It was an EDM event, but Justin – being the hardened thug he is, of course – wanted hip hop and muscled his way (with security, natch) into the DJ booth to say so. When the DJ basically told him to fuck off, Justin called the DJ’s manager by name and when he turned around, Justin punched him in the face and then ran behind his security. I just… whatever.

Here’s a rundown of what DJ Michael Woods and his manager, Alex Madden, had to say about what happened (via Twitter, of course):

Obviously Justin Bieber is a dickhead. We don’t need any more proof of this. The question is, when is anyone going to step in and shut (or stomp) his little ass down?

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