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Newsflash: Taylor Swift Is Attracted to Assholes!

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Taylor Swift tends to get a hard time about her boyfriend hopping and kiss-and-tell songwriting style, but no one really ever talks about the fact that she just chooses really shitty guys to date. Well, now Taylor’s talking about it. She knows she likes “shady” dudes and realises that it’s probably not the best direction to go in if she ever plans on having a lasting relationship.

From InStyle:

“I think it needs to change. My friends tease me about the fact that if someone seems bad or shady or like they have a secret, I find them incredibly interesting.

“That’s just a phase I’ve been in lately. I don’t think this should be how I proceed in life. It’s important to be self-aware about these things because you don’t want to end up with that guy.”

“I haven’t been [in a relationship] in a long time. I’d like to think if you’re with the right person, you just feel great about things you’ve never felt great about before. At least that’s how I’ve heard it’s supposed to be. I wouldn’t know.

“Sometimes you know after two dates that you’re not the right fit. And sometimes you know you’re not the right fit, and you fall for it anyway. One thing I’ve learned that I’m proud of – drum roll, please – is when to walk away. I’ve had some short relationships because I know when to do that.”

Well, there ya go. Listen, most relationships when you’re young aren’t ones you’re gonna stay in for all that long. When you’re young, you’re discovering what you want and what you don’t, what you’ll put up with, etc. You’re also changing and getting to know yourself more, so of course that’s when some people do some serial dating. Still, if you recognise these things about yourself, maybe put that shit into practice, girl.

P.S. What’s happening with her hair in that pic?

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