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Lohan Outs Her Brother On Tinder

lindsay lohan brother tinder instagram

Lindsay Lohan was a Mean Girl when she publicly outed her brother on Tinder. Tinder is a dating app and Lohan’s bro, Michael, was on it. And call is sisterly love or weird possessiveness or just silliness but she posted on her instagram a photo of Michael’s profile (above) with,

look who I just found on @tinderapp … hey bro

“Hey bro” indeed. E Online points out that in order for Lohan to see this, she herself had to be on Tinder. So, uh, “hey” to you, Lindsay! And I guess this means we won’t be seeing Lohan’s siblings on her Oprah show either. Too bad she didn’t humiliate her stalkerish stepsister.

Are YOU on Tinder? How you finding it?

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  • The title is misleading…

    “Outs Brother on Tinder” sounds like “Outs Brother on Grindr” which would imply that he was gay.

    The way they are using it though, it just means “LL ‘reveals’ that brother is using Tinder.

    I’m not sure why either of these are important.

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