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Jackson Family Lost Big In Trial

michael jackson trial

Michael Jackson‘s family has been through years of crap. Mother Katherine Jackson just wants to know what happened to her son and who to hold accountable. Jackson’s doctor, Conrad Murray, went to prison for manslaughter, but there was still the matter of who was responsible for Murray. The Jacksons sued AEG Live, the people behind Jackson’s big comeback tour that never happened. And today, the jury ruled against them. The Jackson family lost. From TMZ:

The Jackson family just LOST their bid to hold AEG Live accountable for Michael Jackson’s death.

The jury ruled AEG Live did hire Conrad Murray. That’s huge. The jury then ruled Conrad Murray was NOT unfit or incompetent to treat MJ. Katherine and the kids lose.

So here’s the thing. The question that ruined Katherine’s case was whether Murray was competent to handle Jackson when he was hired, and the jury said he was. Ironically, a jury in the criminal case ruled Murray then went off the rails and did things that ultimately killed MJ. But because he was competent at the outset — the Jackson family lost.

The jury foreman just explained the logic behind the verdict. They felt Murray was competent to do the job for which he was hired — to be a good general practitioner. Jurors felt Murray had gone to a good school and was qualified. The juror added, “That doesn’t mean we felt he was ethical. Had that question been in there, it could have been a different outcome.

Sounds like this was based on semantics, really.

On the bright side and on a slightly unrelated note, Paris Jackson is said to be recovering well from her suicide attempt.

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  • Hoorah, the money-grubbing Jackson family is finally slapped back into the real world. When your son is a JUNKIE who is addicted to various drugs, then gets himself so run down he can’t “perform” as he agreed to, he has NO reasonable expectation to survive when he does DUMB THINGS, like insist on being given propofol so he can “sleep”.

    Glad the jury finally put a stop to this nonsense. Wish AEG could sue the Jackson clan for the lawyers fees, like they do in England when you lose a ridiculous lawsuit.