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Creepy Paparazzo Shows Up At Kanye’s House At 4 AM To Ask Him If He’s Mad At Jimmy Kimmel

kanye west fashion week front row

Kanye West is currently in a legal scuffle with a photographer over a physical scuffle at an airport, in a situation that I think was totally overblown. The photographer is suing Kanye for assault but if you watch the video of the incident, Kanye didn’t hurt the guy and didn’t start it.

Now a SEPARATE photographer is up in Kanye’s face and I am on Kanye’s side on this one 100%. As reported by The Hollywood Gossip (via TMZ), a paparazzo showed up at Kanye’s house at 4 AM to ask him if he was mad at Jimmy Kimmel. The only person Kanye was mad at was said paparazzo saying, “It’s 4 AM and you asking me, ‘hows it going'”?

There were at least 2 paparazzo there. Kanye didn’t injure, maim, or touch any of them, so good for you, Kanye. He wants to sue them for trespassing.

“You want me to be standing outside your house at 4 AM?” Kanye asked.


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