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Weird Casting: Taylor Swift Lands “The Giver” Role

taylor swift

Taylor Swift appeared on New Girl as herself and now she’s taking on a very different role. She’ll play a pivotal role in the film adaptation of the classic young adult novel The Giver. For those of you familiar with the book, Ms. Swift was cast as Rosemary.

This is such weird casting to me. Almost as weird as Ben Affleck being Batman. This is a “serious project” starring Academy Award winners Meryl Streep and Jeff Bridges. Then again, Katie Holmes is in it, too, which kind of drags the project down to a less golden status.

I have no idea how anyone could turn this into a movie without losing the magic of the twist in the book. Not sure if I want to find out. It’s The Giver, you guys. It’s my childhood. You too?

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  • I loved that book! It has had such an impact on me, I’m going to see the movie no matter who they cast. I just wish they wouldn’t overdo it. When you cast such big names it always overshadows the story, and this story is just brilliant. Do you think they’ll film part of it in black and white? They have to, don’t they?