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Jason Derulo Listens to His Own Music During Sex

jason derulo

Jason Derulo is famous for singing, but probably more famous for the fact that he pretty much sings his own name in the beginning of every song he releases. It’s sort of his trademark. Well, here’s another awesome thing Jason Derulo does: he has sex to his own music sometimes. But wait, it’s not what you think! It’s only that his own songs come up on shuffle, you see. Because it’s not at all bizarre to have your own music on your iPod.

From the new BBC Three show Staying In with Greg and Russell, Jason said:

“Well, it might have popped up on shuffle once or twice.”

In other words, he totally put it on purposely. He was also asked whether his new single, ‘Talk Dirty’, has prompted any dirty talk from his fans. Of course it has:

“Yeah! Sometimes they’re a little shocking, even for me. ‘Jason I want you to fuck me hard to your music, until the sun comes up, three times over’.”

Three times over or until the sun comes up, lady? There’s no way three rounds of sex is lasting all night (unless it’s done right, which… it’s Jason Derulo), so you’ll have to take your pick… or ask Jordan Sparks about that. I kid! (But not really.)

Here, I’ll leave this for you:

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