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Is Everyone Here Shitting Themselves In Anticipation for the ‘Breaking Bad’ Finale?

breaking bad

I don’t watch Breaking Bad, but I know plenty of people do since it’s all I see on Tumblr and Twitter these days, and with the series finale coming up, apparently there are some “pretty crazy” things about to go down – at least according to show creator Vince Gilligan. I remember and will always love Vince Gilligan from The X-Files, so I sorta trust his creative vision – I’m sure it’ll be good!

Here’s what he had to say to E! News about what’s to come:

“It gets very serene and calm from here on out,” Gilligan joked to E! News’ Will Marfuggi about the last hours of Breaking Bad. “No, it gets pretty crazy. I mean, it’s been crazy but it continues to be the rollercoaster you’ve come to expect from the show.”

It was announced earlier this week that Breaking Bad‘s final two episdoes will be expanded to 75 minutes. Sounds long, doesn’t it? But don’t expect a large chunk of time to be tacked onto the show. Gilligan breaks down just how much more Breaking Bad we are actually getting.

“They’re within a 75 minute block of programming time, but I think each of them—the one this weekend and the one after that, are only about six or seven minutes longer than usual,” he says. “But people should take a close look at their DVRs, the way they’re set, because I would really hate for the end of one of these last two episodes to get chopped by your TiVo.”

Well, that’s that. Who here is going to be camped out in front of your TV for this? I feel like I’m missing out on another big cultural event, as per usual. Maybe one day.

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  • I couldn’t care any less. Breaking Bad in the end has been a bit like Lost or Game of Thrones for me, so many people recommended it to me, so many people raved about it and how amazing it is and how much I should watch it and how it has made TV history that I am like, “ugh man no”. I gave it a shot and I just didn’t like it…? So no I don’t care. On the other hand, I am already mourning Mad Men.

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