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Selena Gomez Won’t Be Singing in Russia Anytime Soon

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Selena Gomez was meant to be doing a few concerts in Russia in the coming months to support her new album, Stars Dance, but that won’t be happening because they’ve refused her a work visa. Why would poor, sweet Selena Gomez be denied a work visa, you might ask? Well, in case you missed the memo, Russia really hates gay people to the point where it’s illegal to just be gay, so they really weren’t fond of the fact that Selena’s been such an ally for gay rights.

Ria Novosti (don’t bother, it’s in Russian) broke the news that Selena’s concerts in Minsk, St. Petersburg and Moscow had to be canceled due to the denial, and a date in the Ukraine was wiped from the schedule, as well. Hilariously, Dubai doesn’t have a problem with her performing, so she’ll be there at the end of this month before heading back to America later this fall.

I doubt she’s too broken up about that, but come on, Russia. This bullshit has gotta stop – especially since they let Lady GaGa in last month (though to be fair, they did accuse her of “promoting the gay agenda” afterwards).

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  • Why would Dubai be bothered? The Emirates are pretty relaxed places really, despite what most people think. A few skimpy stage outfits might push it but I doubt she’d dress too scantily out there.

      • I’m fully aware of the decency laws and the Marte case is irrelevant to the facts of Selena’s concert. I’m actually in the Emirates at the moment and honestly, the way people who’ve never been to the Emirates view Dubai/Abu Dhabi etc. is a little warped. In regards to dress and modesty in Dubai, so long as shoulders, knees and boobs are covered in public places, everyone’s a happy bunny. She might have to slightly turn down the overt sexual nature of her show/dancing but I’m pretty sure that show planners will have advised her on this anyway. I also doubt Selena would be having extramarital sex here (or getting raped) so that’s not a problem…