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Kanye West Wanted His Dressing Room Carpet Ironed, I Guess

kanye west

We posted yesterday about Kanye West‘s performance on Later… with Jools Holland, but apparently our praise was premature, as he was a bit of a hellraiser behind the scenes, which didn’t go over too well with the show’s crew. I mean, if I was a famous rapper, I would definitely want the carpets in my dressing room ironed, for sure.

From The Sun, the bastion of serious and true journalism (via DS, because of their pesky paywall):

The rapper flew to the UK earlier this week to perform his new track ‘Bound 2’ on the BBC Two show, but wasn’t impressed with the carpet being “too bumpy” in his dressing room.

Apparently, West required over half the 15 dressing rooms available at the studios, despite other acts such as Kings of Leon, Sting and Lorde performing on the same show.

LOL, no matter how much of an entourage you have, what the hell do you need 15 dressing rooms for? How long could he possibly have been in the studio to need even a fraction of those? People are so fucking weird and ridiculous.

I can totally see the whole bumpy carpet thing, though. No one likes a bumpy carpet. >__>

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