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Emily Blunt’s Got A Baby Up In Her

blonde emily blunt tom cruise

Emily Blunt‘s got a baby all up in her, and it was put there by husband John Krasinski. Ms. Blunt is known best for playing the, “wait, is she attractive?” role in films, except of course in The Devil Wears Prada in which we could all agree that yes, she was damn attractive.

emily blunt the devil wears prada

Dat brass.

Mr. Krasinski is best known as Jim “please just dump Pam in this last season of The Office” Halpert. This will be their first child for both (Los Angeles Times). Blunt’s ex, Michael Bubbbelebbebebé just had a child of his own.

Congrats to all!

NOTE: The photo above is of a blonde Emily Blunt with a regular Tom Cruise. Not John Krasinski. 

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  • wait wait WAIT Jim “dump Pam” Halpert?? NnnooooOOOOOOoooooOOOOOOO how could you say that?? They have always been so lovely, and I completely understood Pam’s issues with him being so far away so often with two kids. You are being unfair.