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Oh Great, Katherne Heigl Is Coming Back to TV

katherine heigl

Katherine Heigl somehow managed to make herself one of the most hated celebs in Hollywood in the few years she spent on Grey’s Anatomy (and in Knocked Up, which was okay except for her), but get yourself ready because she’s coming back to TV in some new CIA drama for NBC.

From TV Line:

The untitled project, to be written by Alexi Hawley (The Following), finds Heigl playing a key CIA analyst whose job it is to debrief and strategize with the president on the most pressing global and national matters.  She balances this incredibly high stakes job and trusted relationship with her complicated personal life.

Rodney Faraon, who has debriefed several US presidents, will serve as an EP on the project.

“The story is not only compelling and intelligent but a look behind the curtain at the CIA we haven’t seen before in film or television,” Heigl said in a statement. “I am thrilled and honored to have been asked to be a part of developing these stories and this character and bringing it all to life. NBC has been a true partner in their passion and support for the show that we’ve dreamed of making and I could not be happier about joining forces with them. Together, with our brilliant writer Alexi Hawley, I believe we are going to make great television!”

I probably will never watch even the opening credits to this show, but she’s got a kid so I guess she’s gotta pay the bills. Will you watch this? Do you think Katherine Heigl is THE WORST or only kinda the worst?

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  • i don’t really get why people don’t like her? i mean, she was on that show FULL of whiners and horrible story lines – why is she the one everyone hates?

    • She’s just really smug and obnoxious. I used to work at Macy’s and she came in with her husband. He was really nice but she just radiated arrogance. I didn’t even know it was her until a customer pointed it out.

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