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Oh God, Nicole Scherzinger Is Twerking Now, Too

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I generally love Nicole Scherzinger – she’s crazier than a shit house rat in the best way possible. Have you watched her on The X Factor UK? She’s hilarious and actually pretty sweet. However, I cannot co-sign this bullshit. Posting on her Instagram page, Nicole tried twerking on for size with the following caption:

“#teamtwerkcakes came out to play! Heeey, Team twerk caaakes! #paddleboardtwerking #goofballz.”

Twerking has got to go. It needs to disappear into a land far, far away, never to be used again by celebrities or regular people because it’s become that much of a disastrous epidemic and I can’t bear it anymore.

Also, she must be on vacation right now until the live shows start, because there sure as hell isn’t anywhere in the UK to be wearing a bikini at this time of year. It’s hoodie time, already! Waiting for that to be the case on the east coast, as well – I’m done with summer!

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  • WTF is up with people calling this a new thing anyway? booty poppin’ is OLD SCHOOL. children, sit down. and if i’m wrong & there’s a difference, someone please ‘splain.

  • Really, pikki nikki, you are totally right! It WAS exactly old school booty poppin’ back even when I was in high school a long flockin’ time ago. Decades ago. Plus if you look at various native dances from other cultures, they do it, too. It’s not like Miley invented it. In fact, of all the booty poppers I have EVER seen, she is the least sexy of them all. It is just vulgar. At least Nicole is sexy with a nice ass and doing it. Still. Enough. I thought everybody on stripper poles was horrible. This is worse.