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Dave Chappelle Is Still Pissed Over His Flop Standup Show

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Dave Chappelle performed at a Funny Or Die comedy show in Connecticut and it didn’t go well — he was booed. He threw a hissy fit, told the audience he hated them, and left the stage. He’s still pissed off about it. Here’s some of what he had to say about the incident, at a show he did in Chicago last night from TMZ:

“I don’t want anything bad to happen to the United States,” Chappelle said … “but if North Korea ever drops a nuclear bomb on this country, I swear to God I hope it lands in Hartford, Connecticut.”

Chappelle then called the crowd “evil” … and described them as a bunch of “young, white alcoholics.”

“I wanted to pull a reverse Kramer and call them all crackers or something crazy like that.”

Dude, whatever. You flopped. You bombed. You ate it. Hard. Get the over it.

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  • crowd kept shouting im rick james bitch he told them to shut up they wouldn’t he fulfilled his time and got paid …why would you pay for a show and not shut up?

  • Dave Chappelle did nothing wrong. He showed a lot of restraint in the face of an obnoxious and disrespectful crowd. They blew their chance at seeing a great show, end of story.

  • Is it me or are all the writers on this site dumb cunts? You’re talking about David fucking Chappelle. He’s one of the most respected, talented comedians of our time. What’s the point of this article anyway?

    • they all seem to be bitchy feminists. you know, the type of people that have no sense of humor and see everything in black and white.

      • I agree that the post is stupid. But I also think that you are an idiot for trashing feminists. What does feminism have to do with the writer’s opinion of Dave Chappelle’s show? What insult would you throw at a man who thought Dave should’t have walked off stage? Racist? Communist?

        Shut up.

    • Whoa there. I agree with you in that I think Dave Chappelle is very funny. That has nothing to do with how I think he should have handled his audience. I don’t think you should call anyone a “dumb cunt” over your love of Dave Chappelle. Save an insult like that for something bigger. I’m not worth it. I believe in you, “I’m gay” — I believe in you! Save it!

  • catherine you did call his show a flop like he was at fault …i think that is the disconnect here. you are assigning blame to the wrong party in this instance

    • I still don’t see how this is any way justifies calling me “a dumb cunt.” But maybe that’s not what you’re implying and if you’re not, forgive me. :) I’m hoping you’re not!

      • well i have nothing to do with the dumb cunt,or the way he/she chooses to show there displeasure….. i was only speaking for me …you have a wonderful day

  • Is it maybe possible that Dave was being a prima donna and the audience were being drunk louts? Hecklers get no sympathy from me, but having a nervous breakdown and converting to Islam doesn’t sound like a recipe for comedy gold, either.

    • when did he convert to islam? he has always been muslim even during the dave chapelle show …….what does that have to do with anything ? when did he have a nervous breakdown ?

  • Sorry, Dave Chappelle is nothing but a prima donna pussy nowadays. Walks away from his gold mine of a show, disappears for a few years, then thinks his shit doesn’t stink when he gets heckled off the stage.

  • every other show has been getting nothing but positive reviews …….he didnt flop .an outdoor festival is a bad setting for a comedy show.esp with alcohol is involved ..drunk white frat boy/girl types bad for a comedy show …chuck why did he leave the show? who do you know he thinks his shit don’t stink?

  • I have nothing but respect for this man. Wanna know why? Because he’s got a little thing called integrity, something that is becoming exceedingly rare, especially in the business of entertainment. He walked away from 50 million dollars, lives in a small white farming community with his family, and stays very low key. He doesn’t want money and fame. He just wants to live comfortably and make people laugh. He’s also one of the most talented comedians, not only of our time, but all time.

    As cheesy as it sounds, I owe people like Dave a lot. I’ve struggled with depression my whole life and comedy is one of the only things that truly puts me in a great mood.

    Love you Dave!

    • This makes me happy. Congrats on finding ways to cope with your depression.

      Are you a Louis C. K. fan?

    • No. I like to try to understand people, and if I didn’t want people to comment and interact with them, I wouldn’t write on the internet.

      I can’t tell if you’re trying to be edgy or if you’re making a joke. If you’re trying to be edgy, your comment is really embarrassing. If it was meant to be funny, lol.

  • I disagree with the writer, but I’m not going to call her names. Are the shitty commenters the same people who heckled Dave at his show?

  • Though I don’t agree with calling anyone a “dumb cunt,” I have to think that Dave Chapelle was very hurt and in the moment. Doing stand up is hard, and when people boo you that’s the worst feeling a comic can have. Perhaps he was having a bad day and it flew out with the final straw. I know we all have our regrettable moments when we’re upset.

  • I’m glad that Dave Chappelle shared more insight. Quite frankly, i hate the kind of obnoxious young white frat boy crowd he’s talking about and know about it too well so it really sounds like it was an appropriate response to a bunch of asshole larvae. However, an outdoor festival typically gets out of hand like that so it’s probably not really appropriate for comedy.

  • I simply think his actions demonstrate the fact that Dave Chappelle listens to his audience, interacts with them, as a comedian. He’s emotional. Some comedians simply go through the routine, ignore the crowd, collect the money, go to the next venue. Which would you rather have? He makes jokes about life for all walks of life…whites and blacks identify, period. Do I think he acts like a prima donna at times, perhaps. But I think I agree with a number of posters on here who said that he reacted with at least a modicum of emotion to his audience. If you are going to disrespect the comedian, why did you, as an audience member, show up? It doesn’t make sense, for the comedian or the audience, not to make the venue/environment comfortable. If you’re just going to be a drunk shouting asshole, go to a bar and save your money. Heckle the guy next to you and not a comedian who is worth a bit more of your ear/intellect…

  • although i completely disagree with your article like many above, i am more truely sorry about ” the dumb cunt” comments. like really, really sorry. it hurt to read that, and you do not deserve that. abuse is way to rampent in internet comments. it is pretty sickening!

  • I thought the crowd had yelled out one of their favourite characters that he did? Isn’t that a compliment?

  • This is one of the most ignorant posts I have read in a while.Dave Chapelle is one of the most talented comedians of our generation.HIS SHOW DID NOT FLOP.For a show to “flop”,that means that the ratings were down,acting was terrible,writing was off etc.So please tell me why the hell he was offered $50,000.000 for the third season if the show “flopped”.This is a poorly written article,and it sounds like you don’t know anything about the very subject you’re attempting to write about.With that said,I don’t even believe your take on the story at ALL.This post is a FAIL.

  • Why can’t people understand that Dave opting not to do his “gold mine of a show” has nothing to do with having a nervous breakdown. He simply did not want to sell out. With “the man” waiving $50 million he stayed true to his morals and did not want to sell-out no matter how much money was on the table. Comedy Central was trying to take too much control over his content and he wasn’t going to concede control for a money.

    He would not be a puppet for the producers of the show in the same way he wouldn’t succumb to the demands of the drunk and hostile crowd in Hartford. If the author of this post had done a little more research she would know that he did not flop, bomb or eat it. He told the crowd to quiet down and it only made things worse so he left just as he had threatened to do if they didn’t stop being so rude and boisterous.