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Sandra Bullock Will Always Do Comedy, Don’t Worry

sandra bullock

I don’t know what it is about Sandra Bullock – she’s just so… likeable. Her movies aren’t anything life-changing, but they do tend to be funny or at least really endearing and chuckle-worthy. She knows this is her niche, so don’t worry! She’ll be doing comedy for the rest of her life, she’s promised.

From Reuters:

Sandra Bullock put in a call to the astronauts on the International Space Station for tips on how to play her latest role in space drama “Gravity”, but America’s “Miss Congeniality” says she will never give up playing comic roles.

“I will do comedy until the day I die: inappropriate comedy, funny comedy, gender-bending, twisting comedy, whatever comedy is out there,” Bullock said on Thursday in an interview with Reuters Television.

“Even a bad TV show – if that’s where I have got to go at the end I will go there if it’s comedy,” she said the day after “Gravity”, in which she co-stars with George Clooney, got its world premiere at the Venice film event.

That’s good to know! Also, I forgot for a hot second that she’s doing Gravity – that movie looks so good! I also still need to watch that movie she did with Melissa McCarthy… what’s it called? Ah yes, The Heat. (Have any of you seen it? Was it any good?) I digress… In any case, glad Sandy will stick with comedy, but no need to lower yourself to doing a bad show!

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