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Guess Who Got Bright Blonde Bangs?

blonde fringe cut

The celebs are really upping their hair game, I mean, WOW. Gaga‘s got somewhat normal hair (when she’s not mermaiding it up), Michelle Obama got obscene highlights, Beyoncé got a pixie cut, and now we have this brand new bright blonde bangs hairdo. Guess who it belongs to?


Hayden+Panettiere hair blonde fringe

What do we think??? I’m really unsure, because while I’m pretty sure I hate it, I’m also pretty sure that most of that is based on her outfit + accessories with the hair. I think that overall, this is a bad look. If the hair wasn’t so flat ironed and she wasn’t dressed that older mom who shops at Forever 21 that is really doing herself a disservice because she’s actually quite pretty she just doesn’t want to accept that she’s past the age where she can dress like her daughters, I might be okay with it.

More pics below.

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