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Billy Ray Cyrus Cancels Interview After Miley’s VMA Performance

billy ray cyrus

Billy Ray Cyrus should be a proud papa since his daughter Miley is just so dang successful. Despite their rocky relationship, he helped launch her onto Hannah Montana and is probably pleased to see her grow up, right? WRONG. After that VMA travesty last weekend, Billy Ray is so embarrassed about his daughter’s antics that he even canceled an interview with Piers Morgan because he just couldn’t face talking about it.

Piers joked about the incident on air, saying:

“Billy Ray was supposed to be on the show tonight to explain his daughter’s behavior.

“I’m not sure he’s quite worked out what his explanation is yet, so we’ve decided to postpone it. We are going to get the first interview. I know he’s watching tonight, so, Billy Ray, good evening, and when you’re ready, we will talk about this.”

I’m definitely not here to defend Billy Ray in any way, shape or form, but Miley is also in her rebellious, culture-appropriating asshole phase, so I doubt he’d have any kind of “explanation” for the way she’s acting. He should definitely step in and ask her to settle down, but considering she’d probably turn around and give him the finger, I don’t know that it would go over all that well.
In any case, he should probably never go on Piers’ show, because he’ll most definitely be grilled about this, even if it’s a year down the line.

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  • :”…culture-appropriating ass-hole…” I can’t top perfection. This dead-on target brought a tear to my eye. Now, if we could just tear out her tongue…..

  • Piers Morgan is a self absorbed D Bag. WHY in the HELL does Billy Ray have to explain his daughters actions? She acted the fool let her explain. Billy Ray don’t owe anybody jack shit for what SHE did.

    • Agree on Piers. He should go back to England with his moronic left-wing, holier-than-thou views. His ratings are well below Larry King’s, who was forced out of his gig.

    • Why? He raised her – her behaviour is in big part his influence of lack o thereof. She is only 20, she didn’t have time to live on her own for long, to became different person. Partially it is his responsibility.
      Plus, she would like to be seen as adult, but her behaviour is extremely immature, she wants to be sexy, but in fact she still acts like a little girl in her mothers heels.

      • She is as you said 20 yrs old NOT 12. If she wants to be seen as a “grown up” independent young woman she should start growing up already. I don’t hate Miley I just think she looked really really stupid and immature. I sure as hell don’t blame Billy Ray for her antics far to often these celebs duck the blame and we slap the majority of it on their parents.

  • I hope someone asks him if he touched her when she was little. Or if it was the Disney execs… And how many Hollywood dicks has his groupie wife sucked? So many questions about being a whore sell out, so little time…

  • P.S. These are questions for Howard Stern to ask. C’mon Miley, you’re a pro at making bad decisions, go on the Howard Stern Show…