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What The Hell Is Wrong With Madonna’s Mouth?


Grills are a great way to prove that you have a shit ton of money and nothing to do with it, so of course Madonna hopped on the train and filled her mouth with gold. She now looks like a mental patient dressed as Flava Flav for Halloween. Really great look, there.

I’m all for keeping up with the youths and everything, but this is a 55-year-old woman with a gold grill in her mouth. Does no one else see an issue with this? Didn’t Madonna? I’m just not sure what the thought process was. Did her accountant give her an income update and she thought, “Huh, well, there’s an extra $5 million that wasn’t there last month, I think I’ll treat myself and get one of those gold mouth grills the kids seem to like!” ? It’s just not good.

The above picture was snapped at one of her Hard Candy gyms, this one in Rome. Madonna has her own gyms? God, I have been living under a rock. If you’d like to see that sweet mouth jewelry from another angle, here you go:

madonna grill

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  • I usually don’t like to speak rudely of celebrities looks, because I’m a normal human being and I certainly have no right to make judgmental statements on other peoples appearances.

    Now, I have to says something in this instance because Madonna looks like shit and the grill just makes her look horrible AND ridiculous. Act your freaking age. Meryl Streep is 10 years older than Madonna and looks amazing and is respected for aging gracefully. Madonna just looks gross and completely immature for a woman of 55.

  • Holy Cow! I thought they were braces at first and I was thinking,”Why didn’t that old fart go with Invisiline?”

  • It’s too bad she lives in a bubble and won’t read this. Maybe she’ll stop and go away if we stop paying attention to her. Evil Beet just stop, attention is all this ol’ bag a bones has ever wanted. She isn’t a real artist or she’d find some avenue for her art. Which is non-existent, so she becomes a business woman and continues to play dress up like she always has.