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Still No Idea Why The Famous Jett Jackson Committed Suicide

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Lee Thompson Young, of The Famous Jett Jackson and Rizzoli & Isles, committed suicide on Monday, but no one has any idea why. It’s a little odd. The gunshot wound appears to be self inflicted, but it’s odd because there was no suicide note left, nor any indication of Young wanting to kill himself. No one is sure WTF happened. From TMZ:

Law enforcement is STUMPED as to why Lee Thompson Young shot himself to death … TMZ has learned.

Our sources say Young did not leave a suicide note. He had a diary, but we’re told it revealed nothing as to why he took his life. The diary consists of multiple, mundane entries.

Our law enforcement sources say authorities also went through Young’s personal computer — it contained nothing revealing.

BUT there is one thing…

We do know this. Members of Young’s family have told authorities the actor had “depression issues” in the past.

It must be so sad and confusing for his family and friends. Even if they knew he had “depression issues” for him to be found dead on the day he was supposed to show up to work — a day like any other — must have been a huge shock.


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  • Everyone in the world has “depression issues”!
    Perhaps there was a sexual orientation or romantic issue.
    I could also create a scenario where his agent, feeling threatened over possibly losing him to another agent, played a “trust” game and coerced Lee to pull the trigger and trust him that the gun was not loaded. Bang.
    We could surmise and conjecture but in the end, he is gone. What does it matter.
    I guess we’ll find out when the movie debuts.

    • “What does it matter.” It matters to his family and his friends. It matters a lot.

  • I would like to know why he killed himself. Depression has been the source of many suicides. Some people are overwhelmed with depression. I can’t help but believe that it was due to a problem with a woman. That is what I believe but I am only guessing. I do know that I liked him on “Rizzoli & Isles” and will miss him.

  • Well, it’s a sad sad thing that someone, another life, has ended so soon. We need to pay closer attention to the signs our loved ones are showing. I hope his family learns the cause of his depression, so they might get some sort of closure.