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Lily Tomlin To Marry Longtime Girlfriend?

lily tomlin jane wagner

Lily Tomlin has been in one of the longest Hollywood relationships ever. No, like EVER. She’s been with girlfriend Jane Wagner for 42 years. FORTY-TWO YEARS. And up until now, they haven’t been legally allowed to be married. Britney was married to her first husband for a handful of hours, but yeah, no, gotta preserve the sanctity of marriage.

Tomlin revealed her marriage plans to E Online. From E Online via Daily Mail:

Jane and I have been together for 42 years. We’re thinking maybe we’ll get married. You didn’t think that would happen [gay marriage being legal.] It’s pretty remarkable. You don’t really need to get married, but marriage is awfully nice. Everybody I know who got married, they say it really makes a difference. They feel very very happy about it. No rings, no bridal dresses, maybe we’ll be dressed like chickens.

Well good for her! I just want to take this time though to share with you some scenes Lily Tomlin did with John Travolta in a horrid film titled  Moment By Moment from 1978 in which Travolta plays her boytoy named Strip. Yes, Strip.