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Dick Van Dyke’s Car Burst Into Flames But He’s Okay

dick van dyke life achievement award

Dick Van Dyke is the most precious national treasure we have. He’s recovering from a mysterious neurological disorder so he’s got enough to deal with, but hey, let’s throw a FLAMING CAR into the mix.

Mr. Van Awesome was driving his Jaguar on the freeway when his goddamn car burst into flames. He’s okay though! From TMZ:

The hero who rescued him is a guy named Jason Pennington, who tells TMZ, he was driving along the 101 when he saw a car full of smoke on the side of the road … and an elderly man hunched over at the wheel.

Pennington tells us, he pulled up and ran over to discover Dick Van Dyke struggling inside.

Pennington says he opened the driver door and pulled the actor out of the vehicle as flames tore through the engine.

We’re told Dick was slightly disoriented by the experience but did NOT need medical attention. His wife came to pick him up shortly after and brought him home.

That is not a jolly holiday AT ALL. God bless you, Mr. Pennington. Here’s the aftermath of Mr. Van Dyke’s car:

dick van dyke wrecked car

TMZ took the photo from a Vine video shot by Van Dyke’s wife, Arlene. Mr. Van Ridickulously Awesome is seen talking to a police officer. He is totally okay.

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  • The neurological disorder turned out to be nerve damage and complications from his dental implants. The titanium screws can cause nerve damage and autoimmune issues. He found out from one of his Twitter followers who informed him about the potential problems of dental implants.

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