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Paging Captain Obvious: Selena Gomez Thinks Confidence Is Sexy

selena gomez

As women especially, it’s hard to feel confident about yourself when we live in a world that sends us conflicting messages about how we need to look and act, what we should be wearing, how we should talk and behave, etc. Because of that, it’s always sorta great when we’re able to feel good about ourselves and our choices and disregard all the bullshit that’s drummed into our heads on a daily basis.

Selena Gomez feels that pressure but she’s ready to “exude confidence” because it’s sexy and because why shouldn’t she?

From Access Hollywood:

“I think the most attractive thing about a woman, for me, is confidence. So, because I turned 21 this year and a lot of great things have happened for me, that’s the one thing I want to exude.”

“I’ve become a bit more about the red lip and being a little bit more – I like to say confident, as opposed to sexy, even though that’s what I feel. And I feel very comfortable in my skin.”

Good for her. Everyone should feel good about themselves and we should all be happy, yada yada. Now she just needs to get away from Justin Bieber.

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  • She’s so superficial and such a child. She wants to “exude” confidence. It’s a look, a style and something to “exude” to Selena. Real self-confidence is bone deep. It begins with healthy self-esteem and self-acceptance. She doesn’t seem to realize there’s more to life than style and what you “exude”. Pfft. No wonder she dates Beiber.

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